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The Activity Calendar for the Wakonda Heritage Manor.  If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact me by email or phone 605-267-2081.  There may be additional activities that happen spontaneously and some of the outdoor activities may be changed due to the weather.  Snacks are not listed on this calendar as they are subject to change based on my schedule and the Dietary Manager’s schedule.  The snacks for the day will be posted on the Daily News.  Additional outings may happen spontaneously as well as time allows.
Bible Study, under the direction of Pastor Judy Sayler, has been moved to Wednesdays to better accommodate Pastor Judy’s busy schedule.  She will continue to have Bible Study twice a month as both our schedule and her schedule allows. 
We will be have a picnic during each of the summer months and they will be scheduled according to Paul Jensen’s schedule so that he can grill.   Residents will be notified on the large dry erase board posted by the dining room or in the Daily News.
If there are any other concerns, please let me know.
Patty Anderson, AD

Homes for sale in Wakonda



Rent the American Legion Hall

​For your Holiday and family gatherings, graduation, weddings and receptions, or any large parties!

All the fun without the mess.

Contact Paul Jensen @605-267-2531
or Rich Andresen @ 602-361-3789

This virus has been forecasted to swell between the 2nd week on May to the 2nd week of July with the peak being the week of June 11th.

Town of

Wakonda, SD

   Summer and Day passes can be purchased during the first week of the pool opening.

Contact the City Hall with any questions.

Pool Changes due to COVID-19

For area & rural properties for sale contact Girard Auctions

The Pool is scheduled for opening for the Summer 2020 Season

June 15th

Wakonda Heritage

Manor News

Wakonda Heritage Manor 

Is currently looking to fill the following positions:

  •         FT/PT CNAs
  •           Volunteers always welcome!

Interested candidates please come to the Manor and fill out an application, or call 605-267-2081 -or apply online at

Wakonda First Responders are in need of Volunteers

                                              CALL JOHN HAVER - 605-760-2521

Reserve the Park Shelter

call the City Office 605-267-3118

     July 12th 2020 Sherman Family Reunion

    Capacity of 62 persons at all times.

*    A waiver must be signed by all parents,

     acknowledging the risk of contracting COVID-19. 

*    All entrances must have a season pass, day

     passes can be purchased at the City Hall.

*    Lounge chairs and tables have been       

      removed;  you may bring your own.

*    No treats or snacks will be available for

     purchase. You can bring your own, but must be

     consumed outside of the fence.

*    At the present time there will be no usage of

     the slide, diving boards, and basketball