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  • 2nd Street Spa               660-4052 
  • American Self Storage ​    662.0461
  • Charlie's Bus Service                         267-2579
  • Cottonwood Productions                      267-2859
  • Eagle Stop Convenience             Store  267-8600
  • Eagles' Nest Cafe                              267-1410
  • First Premier Bank                                   267-2665                
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Wakonda, SD

                                                 IMPORTANT NOTICE
                                               WAKONDA RESIDENTS

Sump Pumps: According to City Ordinance 8.0304; it is UNLAWFUL to pump (via sump pump) ground or storm water into the city sanitary sewer.
Please make sure that your sump pump is piped to the outside of you home.
This additional water going into the sanitary sewer overloads our pumps, which in turn adds to operating costs and can result in hydraulic overloads of the sanitary sewer. When the sewer lines become overloaded, sewage can back up unto homes and businesses.
The city will be conducting random inspections. Anyone found to be in violation could be fined.
       8.0304         Use of the Public SewersNo person(s) shall discharge or cause to be discharged by sump pump or other means any unpolluted waters such as storm water, exterior foundation drains, area way drains, down spouts, surface water, groundwater, roof runoff, subsurface drainage or cooling water to any sewer, or drain which in turn is connected directly or indirectly to a public sanitary sewer.  Storm water runoff from limited areas, which storm water may be polluted at times, may be discharged to the sanitary sewer by permission of the Town.
(to see more go to Town Administration page and click on the Ordinance link)         

      8.0306         Powers and Authority of Inspectors The Town representative or authorized designee shall be permitted to enter all properties upon reasonable notice for the purposes of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, and testing pertinent to utility service to the community system in accordance with the provisions of this Title.